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:iconnaruto-artists: NaruFest 2014 Murdery Mystery
Team Naruto: Investigation Files into the Murder of Sakura Haruno

1) OutrealmGate
2) myomi-chan
3) penguintejas
4) Carrere6

**bolded = clues to murder suspect
**underline = investigator

OutrealmGate: We are investigating the Murder of Sakura Haruno.
Some of the early details we've discovered so far include the bloody hand print found on Mei Terumī's dress. Wait! I'm getting a head of myself. Before we get to that I should mention that her body was found at the masquerade ball. It was said that the lights went off and when they were turned back on she was dead. Hinata screamed and the hand print was found. We spoke with lady Tsunade and she informed us that her jugular vein was cut by an unknown weapon and her right arm and mouth were bruised. She must have been held back tightly and kept quiet. We decided who to speak with next: Kakashi. 

Myomi-chan: There was also lightning right before the lights turned out. This could hint at a suspect with a lightning affinity. We decided that speaking with Kakashi Hatake about the weapon used would enlighten us more than the handprint, so we went to speak to him. After finding Icha Icha Paradise for Kakashi, he told us that they found a bloody kunai, a kama, and a piece of black material wrapped in studded red-brown leather straps, and that the blood did not match the print on Mei's dress. He also told us that Shikamaru and Neji both spoke to Sakura before she died. 

Penguintejas: Because of his intelligence, we figured that Shikamaru might know something about what transpired. We found him leaning against a tree, staring at the cloud as he usually does. He had to wash Akamaru before answering our questions, so we helped him out to speed things up and get back to our investigation. Once we were through, Shikamaru told us what he knew. Sasuke and Sakura had gone to the ball together. Shikamaru had noticed that Sasuke had a wound on his arm, and though he couldn't see it clearly, he guessed that it was made by a kama.

We know that a kama was found at the scene; perhaps its user attacked Sasuke? This also raises the question--did its user also attack Sakura?

At that moment, Sasuke just happened to walk by, so we chased after him. He told us he couldn't deal with us, and then used his body flame technique to escape. 

Noting with dissatisfaction that he probably wouldn't be helping us any time soon, we made a mental note to talk to the Hokage about him. Before we could do anything, though, we spotted Temari nearby, and went to question her for information.

After solving a simple riddle, Temari told us that Sasuke was fighting with a male before the masquerade. Who that male was, she didn't know, but she said there was something familiar about him. She suggested we talk to Gaara for more help.

Carrere6: We were a bit apprehensive about asking Gaara for information, seeing as he was not present at the masquerade, but after we managed to dig up some information on Tenten for Gaara he gave us some intriguing information as well.  A white kitsune mask had been found outside in a tree.  The first thought that came to mind was the ANBU and their signature animal masks, but this murder was too sloppy and the evidence just did not add up enough to incriminate any of the highly skilled ANBU.  With this in mind we forged ahead in our investigation as Gaara lead us to Sasuke.

We finally got to questioning Sasuke and after solving a tricky riddle for him he gave us more details about a fight he had with a masked man who Sasuke knew as Sakura’s ex boyfriend.  Then ex seemed determined to win back Sakura’s affections which led to an all-out fight between Sasuke and the Mysterious ex.  The fight was so heated that it had taken both Jiraya and Killer Bee to break up the scuffle.  It was at this point the mask had fallen off and Sasuke identified the masked man as none other than Naruto.  Shocked at this new found information we headed over to blood prison to question Naruto.

As we entered the holding cell we see a dejected Naruto slumped over, when he finally senses our presence he quickly jumps to defend himself.  Our front is one of caution and distrust, but a lingering doubt arises as we notice the earnest look in Naruto’s eyes and his past record of protecting Sakura.  We tried to probe Naruto for more answers to clear his name, but his memory is fuzzy.  We chat so we can try to jog his memory and after solving a riddle it all comes back to him.

Naruto recalls that he was on a mission that night with Itachi in the Hidden Mist Village.  There is no way Naruto could have committed the murder.  After reassuring Naruto we quickly rush out of blood prison to find Itachi so we can confirm this newfound information.  After hours of searching we finally spot Itachi lazing about in a sakura tree.  With a rather lax tone he confirms the information Naruto gave us.

Deciding to clear our heads we head to the local ramen shop and layout all our information.  The man identified as Sakura’s ex had the same face as Naruto, yet Naruto could not have been at the scene.  We pause for a moment trying to decipher this information.  Naruto coud have used the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but there is still no clear motive.  We all sigh in resignation.  Who looks like Naruto, wields a kama, goes around in a kitsune mask and black with red strapped get up, and would have strong feelings for Sakura.  We stare down at our ramen as we watch the various condiments, such as naruto and menma float about.  That’s when it clicks.

(All investigators)
CONCLUSION: Menma Uzumaki murdered Sakura Haruno at the Ball after he failed to win back her affections. He committed the murder with a kama while wearing a black and red outfit and a kitsune mask, then fled the scene. 

Round Robin: Investigation Notes
NaruFest 2014 Murder Mystery
Team Naruto's Investigation Files
members (in order of round robin):
:star:myomi-chan (edited round robin and investigation notes)


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i am :iconnchinata: in :iconnarutoclaim: ^_^ come check out the group!

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I am the founder of hinata-luvers, a group of Hinata fans form the series "Naruto." The group of over 2,000 has existed for over 3 years, and it is time for me to step down. I am in need of new admins and, most importantly, a new Founder to take control of the group. Details are below. Thank you, and please help us keep this group alive!


Greetings, fellow Hinata fans! :wave:


We are looking for new admins!!!

Our founder is leaving us, and the group has had a recent influx of submissions, so we are looking for:

2) Co-Founders
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To apply, please note the group with the following info for the position(s) you would like to apply for:

Groups I have founded/admin'd before/currently:
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Thank you for applying~!


Founder Farewell Note


Dear Members,

hinata-luvers has been a strong, successful, and growing group for over 5 years. We have seen many admins come and go, and all have done wonderful things to help the group.

Now, it's my turn to leave. This was my first group on DeviantArt and will always hold a special place in my heart. However, it is time for me to leave this group. I want you all to continue to support Hinata as much as before and to welcome your new Founder with love and affection, just as you all have accepted me.

Thank you for making this THE biggest Hinata fan group on Deviantart, and thank you for showing how wonderful the Hinata fandom can truly be!!! I will miss you all, and I wish you all the best, both online and in the real world!

Your Founder,


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